US documents reveal details about Ali Abdullah Saleh’s war on Sa’ada and its relationship with Israel

Documents leaked by WikiLeaks have revealed that Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime acted as an agent for the United States in the war against the Houthi movement after the movement launched a slogan that included phrases such as “death to America, death to Israel,” which was launched with the aim of opposing American and Israeli dominance over the region.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

One of the documents reveals the content of a discussion that took place in April 2005 between Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ambassador Thomas Krajeski, in which Saleh requested support in the bloody war against Sa’ada.

According to the document, Saleh admits that the war against Sa’ada is because the Houthis are hostile to America and Israel and chant the slogan Al-Sarkha.

The document says that Saleh told the ambassador that he offered to end the fighting if the Houthis stopped chanting “death to America and death to Israel.” He also reiterated the assurance to the ambassador that the battle was American: “We are fighting in your battle, they are hostile to the US and Israel and supportive of Iran, while we are your friends.”

In another document released by WikiLeaks, Ali Abdullah Saleh writes a letter to US President Bush on March 19, 2007, stating that Yemen has no issue with the Houthis other than their animosity toward the US and their attempts to harm US interests and US-Yemeni relations.

The US provided support for the bloody war against Sa’ada from the early days of the war in 2004. A report sent by Nabil Khouri, who was then the head of the American diplomatic mission in Yemen, reveals that Washington supported the war by training the central security forces of the Ministry of Interior and the special forces of the army, as well as providing the Falconview Mapping Technology, which is an intelligence technology. It also played a direct role in the assassination of the founder of the Ansar Allah movement, Hussein Al-Houthi.

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1- Ali Abdullah Saleh’s meeting with Ambassador

2- Ali Abdullah Saleh’s letter to George Bush

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