The Hadhramis regain control of Mukalla ahead of the announcement of independence

On Wednesday, the Hadhrami forces were able to retake the city of Mukalla, the administrative center of Hadhramaut province, a day before the official announcement of independence.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

The Hadhrami forces raised the flag of the “Hadramout” state in the streets of Mukalla and on government facilities.

Videos and photos shared by Hadhrami activists showed them bringing down the flags of the Transitional Council, which had been raised earlier as part of their preparations for the upcoming National Assembly meeting on the eve of Yemen’s Unity Day.

The raising of the Hadramout flag comes hours before a meeting of all Hadhrami components called for by the Hadhrami tribal authority on Thursday. It is expected that a Hadhrami national covenant will be announced, ensuring the independence of Hadramout, in contrast to the Transitional Council’s covenant, which was declared in Aden and seeks to incorporate Hadramout into its state in Aden.

Hadhrami’s move could complicate the Transitional Council’s efforts to swallow the province, which has successfully broken its military project and whose forces continue to resist its attempts to subdue it politically.

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