The killing of an American officer in Shabwa raises new questions about Washington’s combat role in the Yemen war

An American officer was killed by bullets from Yemeni soldiers loyal to the coalition yesterday Friday in Shabwa governorate east of the capital Sana’a.

Exclusive – Yemeni News:

A government source said that the American officer was killed on Friday at Mura camp after he disconnected the speakers during the performance of Friday sermon and prayer rituals by elements of “Giant Forces” affiliated with the Emirates.

It is not known whether the American officer was from special forces or contractors with the Pentagon, but his presence in the camp alongside coalition-loyal forces raises new questions about the mission of American soldiers in Yemen.

The source confirmed that an American plane landed in the camp to evacuate the killed officer.

In May 2018, The New York Times revealed that Pentagon special forces were secretly helping Saudis fight Houthi threats.

The newspaper reported that a team of about 12 Green Berets arrived at Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen, in a continuing escalation of America’s secret wars.

The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2018 that US Special Operations forces were working side by side with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates at a secret base in eastern Yemen, according to current and former US officials.

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