Aden: Suspension of “Reconciliation and Consultation” Meetings

The Presidential Council in Aden suspended on Wednesday, the meetings of what is known as the Alternative Reconciliation and Consultation Commission for Parliament, just a day after its inauguration.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with the escalation of disputes within the members of the commission, which threatens to disintegrate again.

The city of Aden witnessed the closing ceremonies of the meetings that began on Tuesday, and Rashad Al-Alimi was expected to participate in its opening.

The date for the resumption of the sessions of STC body was not specified.

In the context, the head of the authority, who holds Emirati nationality, Muhammad Al-Ghaithi, revealed that many cases were deported and not brought up for discussion for fear of widening the rift.

Al-Ghaithi accused parties he did not name of not wanting to recognize the other, referring to the Transitional Council. He described the deportation as missing an important opportunity during which trust and transparency should have been built.

In his speech, Al-Ghaithi called for the conclusion of the commission’s meeting in Aden to show a high level of responsibility, realism, clarity and courage. Pointing out that avoiding delving into some issues turned into a practice within the meeting that missed many opportunities.

Al-Ghaithi did not specify the type of issues that were avoided, however, his deputy, Abd al-Malik al-Mikhlafi, a leader in the Nasserite party, was clearer in talking about the transitional agreement to transfer the southern issue even after the end of the war, and its agreement to adopt Riyadh Agreement and its consultations as basic references.

The contradiction of the statements undermines all the allegations that Aden government and the Presidential Authority tried to market during the past days regarding the consensus within the commission. He notes that the meetings, which were kept secret, made no progress with the exception of adopting the vision of a political solution approved by the Saudi intelligence.

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