Al-Mashat Warned Coalition: We Will Take Necessary Steps to Lift Blockade

President of pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, warned from the continuation of the blockade and the restriction of flights to and from Sana’a International Airport, and confirming that if the blockade continues, Sana’a forces will take the necessary steps to lift it from our people.”

President Al-Mashat stressed that the full opening of Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeida and lifting the blockade by land, air and sea is a right of the Yemeni people and is not a favor from anyone.

the President indicated that the American military presence and any other foreign presence in Yemen is a temporary occupation, and they will get out of it willingly or unwillingly. He added, “Let the traitors in the occupied territories know that no matter how much they are the donkeys of the Americans, they will end up as the donkeys of the Americans in Vietnam and Afghanistan.”

the Civil Aviation and Meteorological Authority announced yesterday, Monday, in Sana’a that the coalition would continue to obstruct the opening of new destinations through Sana’a International Airport, stressing that this would “prolong the suffering of the Yemeni people in general and patients in particular.”

About two weeks ago, the leader of “Anssarallah Movement,” Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, warned the foreign forces present in Yemeni territory, including the American, British, Saudi and Emirati, telling them: “Leave all our provinces and our territorial waters.”

Al-Houthi confirmed in a televised speech at the time, we do not allow any American or British military presence, whether on an island or at any airport or facility in any province.” He added, “The American is in the position of the occupying aggressor, and he must remove his soldiers from any base in our country, and he must leave our land.”

He said: “The Saudis and Emiratis come with traitors to fight on the front lines and if they manage to control a province, the Americans and the British will come to establish military bases, as they did in Hadhramaut, Al-Mahrah and Aden.” Pointing out that, “US is also focusing on the islands and strategic and important places to control them and strengthen its military presence there.”

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