Al-Mahrah Sit-in Committee: American Visit Legitimizes Occupation

Spokesman for the Peaceful Sit-in Committee for the People of AlMahrah, Ali Mubarak Bin Mahamad, confirmed that, “The visit of US ambassador and the commander of the Fifth Fleet confirms all the warnings launched by the sit-in committee about the seriousness of the violation of sovereignty and the legitimacy of the occupation”.

Spokesperson held the presidential leadership council loyal to Saudi Arabia and UAE responsible for this visit, which legitimizes the violation of the country’s national sovereignty.

The US Ambassador, Stephen Geffen, and the commander of US Fifth Fleet, Brad Cooper, visited Al-Ghaydah Airport, which Saudi Arabia has turned it into a military base, while the US website (HuffPost) confirmed a few days ago that US is moving on the path of seizing Al-Mahrah province; for geopolitical purposes and long-term economic ambitions and goals, including control of the province’s coasts and ports.

The site revealed that American soldiers and military experts visiting the province, moving around it, away from the media spotlight. Calling on Congress to investigate the role played by US forces in the province far from the lines of contact.

The US military moves in the province of Al-Mahrah and Hadhramaut have escalated significantly in the recent period, in parallel with US efforts to thwart peace efforts and Omani mediation.

 The leader of “Anssarallah movement,” Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, said in his last speech, last February, that “the United States seeks to keep the country under occupation,

It is working to expand its military presence in the occupied provinces, under the cover of the Saudi and American presence.”

Stressing the impossibility of accepting that in any area in the country remains under occupation, he warned them by saying: “Occupiers, leave.”

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