Arabian Sea Operation Escalates Tariq Saleh Fears of “Houthis” Naval Battle

Military leaders in the ranks of Tariq Saleh’s forces, stationed on the western coast of Yemen, revealed on Saturday, fears of what they described as “Houthis” naval battle.

This comes on the eve of reports about an operation by Sana’a forces on the eastern coast.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Jamil Al-Maamari, Tariq Saleh’s most prominent advisor, referred to the arrangement of what he described as “Houthis” for a large-scale naval battle, hinting at the possibility of their victory in the battle and trying to justify that by claiming that they exploited the armistice to arrange for the next battle.

Al-Maamari expected that the battle would be along the Yemeni coast, indicating that it will not be limited to the western coast, where pro-UAE factions are stationed.

Al-Maamari’s fears come on the eve of US reports of gunmen being pursued on boats of vessels transporting oil and gas off the eastern coast of Yemen, in reference to Sana’a forces, which impose a ban on efforts to smuggle oil and gas from the areas controlled by the coalition in eastern Yemen, it is pushing with all its cards to prevent any alternative attempts to smuggle from the main ports.

Al-Maamari is not the only one among the factions affiliated with the coalition who expect Sana’a to succeed in controlling the coasts of Yemen.

Muhammad al-Kumaim, advisor to defense minister in Aden government, expects, according to his tweet on his official page on social media, that what he describes as “Houthis” will succeed in controlling international shipping lines in Yemen.

These fears are part of regional and international movements that emerged with America’s announcement to include “Yemeni Coast Guard” faction, whose members it retrained, and subjecting them to its leadership to the headquarters of the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain and its deployment through small spy boats along the eastern coasts of Yemen, according to what was confirmed by US Navy Command in a statement following the visit of the fifth fleet commander to Al-Mahrah province, eastern Yemen.

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