UN, US Insist on Saudi Arabia to Fund Peace Bill in Yemen

The United States and the United Nations affirmed, on Tuesday, their rejection of Saudi attempts to evade peace in Yemen. This comes on the eve of Riyadh’s boycott of a European donors’ conference on Yemen.

Exclusive – dailyyemen:

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Anthony Guterres, and the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, stressed the need for countries in the region to contribute generously to support peace efforts in Yemen.

This came in separate speeches by both of them on the sidelines of the donors’ conference hosted by Switzerland in cooperation with Sweden, and failed to obtain sufficient funding to implement the humanitarian response plan in Yemen.

Guterres referred to the possibility of achieving peace in Yemen this year, but linked it to the extent of economic and humanitarian recovery to achieve a lasting and continuous peace. For his part, the US Secretary stressed the need for countries in the region to pump more funds to face the humanitarian repercussions of the war led by Saudi Arabia since March of 2015.

These statements come in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s refusal to announce new pledges despite its cause of humanitarian aid in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia is the only one of the countries in the region that did not announce pledges despite the great European reliance, as Riyadh previously held a humanitarian conference in Riyadh through which it tried to market itself as the most prominent supporter in Yemen in an attempt to escape international pressure to implement humanitarian benefits.

The United Nations announced its need for about four billion dollars to implement the humanitarian response plan to support 17 million people in Yemen, but it did not get, according to what it announced, only one billion and a quarter of a billion dollars.

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