Sana’a: Conflict between Coalition Factions in Aden Confirms Fragility & Fragmentation

The governor of Aden (loyal to Sana’a government), Tariq Mustafa Salam, considered the ongoing conflict between the factions of Saudi-led coalition in Aden the beginning of a new phase of warfare that will cause further destabilization of the security and economic conditions in the province.

Salam indicated in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the Saudi coalition’s attempt to rearrange the ranks of its mercenaries will only achieve more killing and destruction borne by the Yemeni citizen who suffered and suffered from the scourge of wars, poverty and hunger under the shadow of the failed Aden governments that were unable to protect themselves.

He explained that the role that Saudi Arabia is now playing in Aden and the other occupied governorates confirms the blurring of the situation, the confusion in vision, the fragility and fragmentation of the Saudi coalition, and its unwillingness to bear the burdens of the armed militias, as they have become a threat to them, which prompted them to take certain positions through the so-called Presidential Council.

The governor of Aden pointed out that the purpose of the timing of the statement of the head of the Presidential Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, on the southern issue, is to pass the coalition plan to further tear the south apart, perpetuate its occupation, plunder its wealth, and ignite the “occupied provinces” with bloody wars, in which innocent citizens are killed.

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