Houthis Threaten to Bomb Riyadh if Aden Is Targeted

High-ranking Houthi official warned countries of Saudi-led coalition against bombing Aden, affirmed that the reply will be to bomb Riyadh.

Member of Anssarallah’s Political Bureau, Mohammed Nasser Al-Bukhaiti, said in on his Twitter Account: “For us, there is no difference between Sana’a and Aden, and when you take action against the occupiers, you will find us at the forefront of the ranks, and if Aden is bombed, Riyadh will be bombed similarly.”

He added, addressing the commander of the UAE-sponsored counter-terrorism, Shalal Ali Shaya: “Brother Shallal, “Wake up” countries of aggression despaired of Sana’a and now competing to share the cake of the southern provinces, and as destined for Socotra to be the share of the UAE, Aden was destined to be the share of Saudi Arabia.”

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