Israeli-Emirati Concern about Sanaa’s Naval Capabilities

Newspapers affiliated with the Israel said that the general trend in the region calls for focusing on naval military power again, in light of the threats escalation from the eastern Mediterranean to the southern Red Sea.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper referred to the NAVDEX exhibition of naval power, which is being held by UAE and in which a number of countries participate, in exchange for what it described as threats of drones and Iran’s growing naval capabilities. In addition to Sana’a’s military capabilities, which the journalist referred to through her allegations that Tehran smuggled advanced weapons to Sana’a.

The newspaper said that the countries participating in the exhibition from the Middle East are trying to take one step ahead against hostile forces to them.

Israel considers Sana’a’s military capabilities a threat to it, especially with Sana’a’s commitment to the principle of standing by the Palestinian cause, and declaring its readiness to intervene directly in any battle against the enemy entity that requires its intervention.

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