Documents Reveal Acquisition of Aden Government $ 10 Billion

Official documents revealed, on Tuesday, that Aden’s government had acquired nearly $10 billion in oil revenues alone.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Activists on social media re-published official reports published by Aden government for the period between 2015-2022.

The documents show that Aden government sold more than $10 billion worth of crude oil.

The documents sort the daily, monthly and annual production volume according to oil prices during the various periods, including the period of recession and the drop in prices below a dollar per barrel.

The re-publishing of the documents came after AlBarakani parliament published statements by Oil Exploration Authority of Oil Ministry in Aden government, in which he talks about his government’s lack of knowledge on the volume of oil production. Its value comes from more than 10 important oil fields acquired by Safer and Al-Masilah companies, which are originally affiliated with Aden government.

The government official tried to downplay the value of oil resources by talking about the production of about 10 million by foreign companies.

The documents expose Aden government and reveal the extent of rampant corruption and the tampering with the most important sector whose revenues constituted approximately 805 percent of the state budget.

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