Sana’a Rejects Any American Role for Peace in Yemen

Sana’a rejected on Monday, any US role in the expected peace process with Riyadh, in conjunction with Washington’s start of a new movement, amid fears of complicating the course of negotiations before their end.

Yesterday evening, social media activists, including leaders of Anssarallah movement, launched a hashtag on social media under hashtag #America_Enemy_of_Peace.

Launching hashtag against the American role came with the announcement of the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who is currently visiting the region, his country started contacts with Saudi Arabia regarding peace in Yemen.

The new American moves come with approaching date of Sana’a for negotiations to extend the armistice, amid indications for an upcoming announcement regarding it.

The campaign reflects the Yemeni rejection to any American role and fears of the destructive role that Washington has been playing during the last period, according to tweets by officials in Sana’a.

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