US Planning to Prolong Yemen War until 2024

Leaders of US Republican Party began on Sunday, an attempt to revive the Saudi-led war in Yemen, in conjunction with approaching date of the main elections in US, which indicates to the efforts of the party, which escalated the pace of war during its past administration, to extend a lifeline to finance its next campaign.

The former US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, published excerpts from his new book, in which he openly flirts Mohammed bin Salman.

The excerpts are specific to Yemen, and they include an attack on Iran and accusing it of playing a role there. He stressed the need for Saudi Arabia to adhere to the condition of “Iran’s exit” from Yemen.

Pompeo attacked former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who put forward an initiative to stop the war on Yemen early.

Pompeo’s statements coincide with news that Kerry’s initiative for a solution in Yemen has been re-introduced through the Sultanate of Oman.

This indicates to the fears of Republican Party in US that Yemen war will end before the presidential elections in the United States in November 2024.

Yemen war continued to generate billions of dollars for Trump administration, whose the most prominent hawkish leader was Pompeo, in deals with Saudi Arabia, most notably logistical support, not to mention armaments.

In the event that the war ends before the election date, the Republicans, who managed with difficulty to take the House of Representatives and the loss of Congress in the midterm elections, will be subjected to many slaps, most notably that Biden, who promised to stop the war in Yemen within his electoral program, will maneuver with the paper to end the war, not to mention Saudi Arabia stopping its financing to the party’s upcoming campaign.

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