Unveiling Scenes of Extensive Meetings with Members of Presidential Council in Riyadh

A Yemeni diplomat revealed, on Wednesday, the scenes of the intense meetings hosted by the Saudi capital. It includes foreign diplomats as members of the Presidential Council, the pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen.

This coincides with the intensification of Western efforts to reunite the council.

The former Yemeni ambassador, Mustafa Ahmed Noman, considered the individual meetings with members of the Council a natural reflection on the Council’s lack of unity, indicating that it confirms that the Council does not have one opinion, position or goal.

In a post on his official page on social media, Noman described the absence of the Yemeni ambassador in Riyadh or any employee from Foreign Ministry about the meetings that bring each member together with a Western diplomat as “ridiculous.”

Over the past few days, Western diplomats continued their meetings with members of the Presidency Council.

The Ambassador of the European Union to Yemen in a brief tweet on the official page of the embassy, after his meeting with Sultan Al-Aradah, confirmed on the continuation of efforts to unify the Council. Referring to his affirmation to Al-Aradah on the necessity of the Council’s unity to advance a comprehensive peace process.

The presidential council has been suffering from disagreements since its formation as an alternative to the so-called “legitimacy”, but its area has recently expanded due to the dispute over the new prime minister.

Despite the presence of the majority members in the same hotel in Riyadh, efforts to hold a joint session, even if a show, did not succeed.

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