Arrangements to Reopen the Russian Embassy in Sana’a

Sana’a is witnessing arrangements to reopen the Russian embassy in Yemen

In a move that may enhance international recognition of the National government, which is loyal to the Anssarallah movement (Houthis).

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Adel al-Hassani, a leader in what was known as the “Southern Resistance,” revealed the arrival of a high-ranking Russian delegation to Sana’a.

The visit is the first of its kind, although it is an extension to the visits of officials from Sana’a to Moscow based on official invitations.

The Russian delegate to the Security Council confirmed, during his last briefing in Monday’s session on Yemen, that his country has good relations with what he described as “Houthis.” and continuous communication in a move described as a Russian recognition to Sana’a government.

The Russian official launched an attack on the West, accusing them of not caring about peace in Yemen as much as they seek to ensure the flow of Yemeni gas and oil to the European market.

This was in a commentary on the briefing given by UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grudenberg, who is supported by Europe from Sana’a.

It was not clear whether the Russian move was part of a race with the West that is pushing for an agreement in Yemen, or an attempt for a Russian role in the file, with indications of an imminent breakthrough in Yemen file. However, the visit may pave the way for reopening the Russian embassy in Yemen, which was closed after the sedition events of December 2, 2017.

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