Yemeni Parliament Warns of Its Impersonators in International Forums

The SPA Presidium of the Yemeni Parliament in capital Sana’a, condemned the suspicious moves of the Yemeni Parliament in international parliamentary forums.

The SPA Presidium condemned those moves, the latest of which was the participation of Sultan al-Barakani and a number of those who had already been dropped by the House of Representative of their membership to prove their great treason by wasting Yemen’s sovereignty and brought “aggression” to it, at the 13th plenary meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, from 8 to 10 January in Antalya, Turkish Republic, in blatantly exploiting the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the eight-year blockade imposed on them and the inability of members of the Yemeni House of Representatives to attend.

According to Sana’a-based Saba agency, the SPA demanded that the Secretary-General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly not deal with Yemeni parliamentary impersonators, and warned against identifying with those suspicious moves those referred to as no longer having any parliamentary, legal or legitimate status on behalf of the Republic of Yemen.

The SPA of Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies strongly condemned the justifications and fallacies of the Sultan al-Barakani in his statements regarding the war against Yemen and the provision of false and misleading information.

It asked: “Where do these flunky have the audacity to justify the crimes of the Saudi-UAE coalition and its siege to the Yemeni people as they hang out in Riyadh hotel and Abu Dhabi and a number of the world’s capitals, far from the suffering and circumstances of the Yemeni people, at a time when social media and information are abuzz about the scandals of their corruption. “

The SPA called on the Asian Parliamentary Assembly not to engage with Yemeni Parliament impersonators and to take a responsible attitude towards their suspicious movements to the detriment of the Yemeni people and its interests and capabilities and demands support for the Yemeni people’s choices to restore their full legitimate rights, stop plundering his wealth of oil and gas, Use them to improve service aspects and pay employees’ salaries throughout the provinces of the Republic of Yemen.

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