Sana’a Security Reveal Details Related to Assassination of Zaid & Several other Operation

The security services in Sana’a government revealed new details and information related to the assassination of Minister Hassan Zaid and several assassinations attempts and operations carried out by members of the Saudi intelligence in the capital, Sana’a, Ibb and Dhamar.

The security film “In the Grip of Security” presents the war between the Yemeni intelligence and the Saudi intelligence in light of the “aggression”, which is working to blow up the situation from within, while the security services are doing their part to preserve public tranquility and the home front.

The film reveals the mechanism of work of the Saudi intelligence in forming criminal cells, and exposes, with information and pictures, a number of those associated with the Saudi intelligence who were involved in this treacherous aspect.

It also reveals the identity of the Muhammad Ali al-Maqdashi and the Fadl Hussein al-Maqri as two main elements who assumed the formation of two cells of Saudi coalition. The first, led by Tariq Muhammad Ahmad al-Ghazali, known as “Tariq al-Badani al-Ghazali”, was entrusted with opening a front in the Baadan region of Ibb to disturb security and destabilize the home front, but the task, praise be to God Bounty failed.

While the second cell carried out assassinations attempts against a number of social and official figures in Sana’a, Ibb and Dhamar.

It also reveals the assignment of the so-called Tariq Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ghazali to form a cell whose tasks would be to open a front to disturb security in Ibb provinces, and how the money transfers, purchases and sending of weapons were carried out with the aim of detonating the military situation in Baadan region in Ibb province.

In the details, the Saudi intelligence tended to direct its members to carry out assassinations targeting national figures opposed to the Saudi coalition, and a cell was formed under the leadership of the so-called Muhammad Ali Ahmed Al-Hanash, and it was entrusted with carrying out assassinations in the provinces of Dhamar , Ibb and the capital Sana’a, the last of which was the assassination of the martyr minister Hassan Zaid .

The movie “In the Grip of Security” gives ample space to the details of the assassination of the martyr minister Hassan Zaid, which came at the time to strike the peace of Yemeni society and for Saudi Arabia to put its mark and try to score a victory to cover its military defeats.

The film showed the last details of the head of the cell called Al-Hanash and his acknowledgment of the crime of assassinating the martyr minister, Hassan Zaid, and the role of society in obtaining information that helped dismantle the criminal cell.

It also reveals the curtain of a failed assassination that targeted the deputy governor of Ibb, Abd al-Wahed al-Marawi, and documents the names of the cell’s monitoring of figures in the province and patriotic figures opposed to the Saudi coalition.

The film “In the Grip of Security” documents one of the stations of success for the security services, in a continuous war that will not stop with the silence of the guns and the fluttering of peace flags.

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