One Killed, 11 Injured in Saudi Attack on Saada

One civilian was killed and 11 others were wounded in the attacks of the Saudi Arabian army on the border areas of Saada province in the north of Yemen.

News sources also reported that one civilian was killed and five others were injured in the attacks of Saudi Arabia’s border guard artillery on areas in Saada province.

According to the reports, 18 Yemenis were also injured last Sunday in the shooting, rocket and artillery attacks of the Saudi army in Saada province.

As local sources reported, Saudi Arabia violated the Al Hodeidah ceasefire 164 times in the last 24 hours by air, missile and artillery attacks.

The operations room of the Sana’a forces in Al Hodeidah province announced that the reconnaissance and spying drones of the Saudi coalition entered the areas in this province.

According to the report, the rocket attacks of the Saudi coalition have continued in various areas of Al Hodeidah province, and the artillery units of the Saudi coalition have also targeted areas in the cities of Hais and Al-Jabaliya.

The UN-brokered ceasefire in Yemen, which has been repeatedly violated by the aggressor Saudi coalition expired on October 2.

More than 3,000 civilians, including women and children, were killed or injured in the airstrikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen in the year 2022, according to a Yemeni rights group.

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