Al-Rayyan Airport Turned into Detention Center, Base for Foreign Forces

Al-Rayyan airport in the city of Mukalla has turned into a den of foreign conspiracy against the security and stability of the districts of Wadi Hadhramout and the eastern districts of Yemen, political sources told Yemen press agency.

Adel al-Hassani, a former detainee in UAE prison and a leader in the so-called “Southern Resistance”, confirmed that “mercenaries” in the city of Seiyun receive directions from Emirati intelligence officers stationed at Al-Rayyan airport, located on the Arabian Sea, eastern Yemen.

Al-Hassani explained, in a tweet, that a meeting brought together the Emirati officers with the leaders of a group of mercenaries inside the airport, to demand the exit of the “First Military Region” forces present in Seiyun.

In April 2016, the UAE forces imposed control over the city of Mukalla, the capital of the Hadhramaut coast, after a year of war on Yemen, under the pretext of confronting the terrorist individuals from Al-Qaeda, without any significant confrontations who disappeared within hours from the city. Military observers described this play as farcical.

The UAE forces have turned Al-Rayyan airport, the third largest Yemeni airport, into a military barracks, and it receives daily US military planes. Part of it has been converted into secret prisons and detention centers to hide and torture human rights activists and politicians.

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