Most Prominent Points of Contention between Sana’a and Coalition

With the indicators on the return of the war in Yemen, a debate is raging about the points of contention that constitute a major obstacle to moving towards a comprehensive peace agreement. What are these differences?

Exclusive- alkhabar alyemeni:

The situation in Yemen is heading towards a new round of war, the indicators of which are rapidly accelerating daily. Sana’a, whose political council head visits the fighting fronts, continues to send messages of its readiness for the return of war. The coalition, despite the critical situation its factions are going through, is trying to maneuver.

However, these developments, which come at the rhythm of a steady escalation of fighting on the internal fronts, it also coincides with the intensification of the international and regional movement in Yemen file in an attempt to find a new political breakthrough.

So far, the features of the next stage are not clear and whether the parties have decided on war or peace, however, there are indications on the possibility of a return to war in light of the complications that stand in the way of peace and the widening of the differences.

According to reports from the negotiations led by the Sultanate of Oman between Sana’a and Riyadh, there are disagreements about several points, the most prominent of which is the fate of the foreign forces, as Sana’a stipulates that they leave unconditionally. While regional and international countries are pressing to maintain bases, even in the remote parts of Yemen, in addition to that, the upcoming demonstrations in Sana’a under the slogan “war and siege” are equivalent to Sana’a, which means either lifting the siege or returning to war.

The parties may be maneuvering in war to win peace, the recent developments may be a message on the need to achieve humanitarian benefits, instead of the “state of no war and no peace” that the foreign warring parties want. However, what is certain until now is that Yemen is on the cusp of a new phase, the features of which may be drawn in the coming days, the closest is war.

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