US Military Landing in Abyan

US forces intensified their movements in Abyan, southern of Yemen, as part of arrangements to establish a military base there under the pretext of “fighting terrorism.”

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in the Defense ministry revealed US preparations to deploy forces in Abyan. The province, which is witnessing an escalation in attacks against UAE-backed factions, received earlier this week a new batch of American armored vehicles, in conjunction with recruitment operations for “fighting terrorism” under the supervision of Emirati forces.

The sources indicated that US forces are seeking to establish a military base on the coast of Khanfar district.

Noting that the armored vehicles are part of the preparations to secure the area before the arrival of the American forces.

UAE-backed factions took control of fishermen’s marina in Al-Koud area earlier this month and began building a camp there.

According to the sources, the American forces are seeking to establish an advanced base in this area, which is secured by pro-UAE factions.

Noting that the United States informed the defense minister in Aden government of its intention to deploy military advisers, along with Emirati officers, to manage the battle against al-Qaeda.

The sources considered that Khanfar was chosen because it had not witnessed any al-Qaeda operations in recent years, due to the control of Abdullatif al-Sayyid, the commander of the Security Belt, which is his stronghold.

Not to mention that the area provides cover for any emergency evacuation to Americans in case the situation collapses.

Although the Americans are currently taking advantage of the catastrophic failure of transitional factions to control the central regions, with al-Qaeda intensifying their daily targeting and continuous bleeding, the new al-Qaeda is an indication of Washington’s efforts to expand the base of its forces’ deployment in Yemen, specifically in the areas adjacent to the Oil Crescent.

The American forces had previously established fixed sites and bases in Ras al-Arah on the outskirts of Bab al-Mandab in Hajjah, Hadhramaut, al-Mahrah and Socotra. All of these provinces are oil and overlook on the most important sea-lanes around the world.

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