The Evacuation of STC Factions from Aden Begins

The vanguard of the Transitional Council’s factions, calling on Wednesday, for the secession of southern Yemen, began leaving their main stronghold in Aden for the first time since they took control in August of 2019.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The coalition transferred three brigades of ground forces to the former strongholds of al-Qaeda in Shabwah, and these forces deployed in Al-Saeed district, near Abyan.

This comes a day after the transfer of the brigades’ support to Abyan, in preparation for their deployment in separate areas of the province, which are currently under the control of the Transitional Council.

Although the coalition takes “combating terrorism” as a justification for evacuating these factions from their areas of concentration in Aden, sources in the council admitted that these moves are part of the arrangements for implementing the military part of Riyadh agreement, which requires handing over Aden and removing STC factions from it.

The sources indicated that STC is currently under pressure from the coalition to dismantle its factions.

It also did not rule out that these forces would be subjected to attrition during the coming period, whether by dragging them into imaginary battles with al-Qaeda or assigning them to other battles.

Noting that the goal is to dissolve these forces into Aden government and subjugate them to Saudi Arabia.

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