Fierce Battles Renewed in Marib

Fierce battles renewed at dawn on Thursday, between The National Salvation Government Forces (Sana’a forces) on the one hand and Saudi-led coalition forces and warlords (Islah and al-Qaeda militants) on the other, on several fronts of the city of Marib, northeastern Yemen.

Informed sources told the Yemen Press Agency (YPA) that fierce battles broke out between the two sides on the southern, northern and western fronts of the city of Marib. Both sides used various types of weapons in the fighting.

The sources indicated that the coalition forces launched a large-scale military offensive, the most violent since April 2022, and in multiple formats on positions of Sana’a forces in the fronts of Ragwan, Al-Juba and on the outskirts of the Ramla areas in Wadi Obeida as well as in the outskirts of the “Balaq Al-Sharqi” mountain range.

According to the sources, the coalition forces carried out heavy artillery shelling towards the positions of the Sana’a forces before carrying out their military attacks.

This comes one day after the coalition forces carried out artillery shelling targeting positions of Sanaa forces in Jabal Al-Mashjah, west of Marib city.

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