Statistic: Over 7,000 Shops in Aden Looted

Media sources in Aden revealed on Sunday a terrifying statistic of shops that were raided and looted by the UAE-backed Southern transitional Council (STC)’s militias deployed there.

This comes amid unprecedented congestion among traders due to increasing extortion.

The “Hona Aden” media outlet reported that about 7,000 shops, including groceries, exchange companies, restaurants and cafes net, were recently raided and looted, in addition to imposing royalties by force by the STC militia.

On Saturday, southern activists called for mass demonstrations in Aden and other southern provinces, condemning the deteriorating living and security conditions in the city, corruption of Riyadh-formed Presidential council, pro-coalition government and practices of the STC’s militias.

Activists on social media set Sunday as the date for the demonstrations in Aden, which is expected to witness wide interaction from people of the city who are suffering due to the collapse of the currency and price rise of basic goods and materials in light of the interruption of salaries, and the deterioration of public services such as electricity, water and sewage.

According to activists, southern provinces will witness other protest demonstrations on the same day, Sunday, the first of January, against the starvation policies practiced by the Saudi/UAE-led coalition against the Yemeni people.

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