Sana’a Sets Key Conditions for Reaching Peace in Yemen

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman of Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator of the Sana’a Salvation Government, revealed the most prominent achievements of 2022 at the local level and the negotiating aspect with the Saudi coalition.

“One of the most prominent achievements of 2022 is the truce that led to ending the oil crisis that our people were suffering from,” Abdulsalam told Al-Masirah TV channel.

He pointed out that the opening of Sana’a International Airport, albeit for one destination, was a breakthrough for many patients, merchants and travelers.

Abdulsalam confirmed that the national side established during 2022 an important equation in the military confrontation, with the progress achieved on the fronts and targeting the Saudi and Emirati depth.

He indicated that the home front held firm during the past year at a better level than it was. He stressed that the Supreme Political Council has become more coherent at the level of political and sovereign stability, while the presidency of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi has disintegrated and he has become exiled.

Spokesman of Anssarallah, pointed out that in the past year, a new equation has entered the humanitarian situation, which is the continuation of the demand for popular entitlements. The demands included the payment of salaries, the prevention of tampering with Yemen’s oil and gas and the exit of the “occupying forces”.

The head of Sana’a Delegation indicated that the leadership in Sana’a plays a major role in managing the country’s affairs, despite the difficult conditions that Yemen is suffering from, such as the blockade and the targeting of all institutions.

Abdulsalam considered that the past year, at the level of the internal situation, is one of the best years that have passed, indicating that there is a good state of security stability and the provision of services to people with the available capabilities of the National Salvation Government.

He revealed that the Saudi-led coalition was very disappointed with the cohesion of society and the return of the returnees from its ranks, whether soldiers, merchants, or politicians, to Sana’a.

He stressed that the military parades proved that Yemen has become in an advanced position in defending itself and in the deterrence force that represents the protection of politics, economy and faith identity.

“We have always called for a humanitarian truce and neutralization of the humanitarian aspect, but the enemy did not respond to us until it received painful blows,” Spokesman of Anssarallah said.

He added that what prevents the war from returning to targeting Yemen or taking economic measures and plundering wealth is the fear of the reaction of the Armed Forces.

He pointed out that there is a new equation and rules of engagement that were put forward in the salary issue, preventing tampering with Yemen’s oil and other important issues. He added that there was an attempt by the countries of Saudi coalition to extend the truce without any new additions, but this was rejected.

Abdulsalam stated that the Saudi coalition wants a cease-fire without any humanitarian solutions, so that it can arrange its priorities within war and siege.

“Any truce must expand the humanitarian conditions and entitlements,” he emphasized.

Abdulsalam called for a quick end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and that there be a solution to the humanitarian side, away from the military and political side.

“We seek a clear stage, whether it is a truce or a permanent ceasefire, and we have presented our point of view to the Omani mediator,” he added. “Any solution must be based on the disbursement of employee salaries from oil and gas revenues, according to the 2014 budget.”

Senior negotiator of the Sana’a Government stressed that any upcoming solution must include the opening of airports, ports and roads, in addition to the release of all prisoners and fully addressing the humanitarian issue.

“Our demands are legitimate and right, and what we are asking for are humanitarian benefits that have nothing to do with the military or political affairs,” he concluded.

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