Comprehensive Cleanliness Campaign in Capital Sana’a

Prime Minister of Sana’a government, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, on Sunday inaugurated the comprehensive cleanliness and community awareness campaign (1/1) in the districts of the capital Sanaa, under the slogan “Cleanliness is a principle that we begin our year with.”

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of participating in the national campaign as part of the annual traditions established by the Capital’s Municipality to support the efforts of cleanliness workers and to promote community and voluntary participation.

He pointed to the need to enhance society’s awareness of cleaning cities, lanes, streets, and neighborhoods, and striving to make cleanliness a culture and behavior, indicating that cleanliness is the most prominent title among nations and peoples.

Dr. bin Habtoor pointed out that cleanliness is not related to the capital’s Municipality or the provinces as official bodies, but it is a general responsibility of all citizens.

The campaign was launched from the Sanaa University gate square, with wide participation from various segments of society, sectors, authorities, offices, local councils, youth initiatives, civil society organizations, voluntary and community committees, ministries, public and private institutions, and schools in the ten districts of the capital Sanaa.

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