Third Group of Illegal Immigrants Departed through Sana’a Airport

The third group of the Ethiopian illegal immigrants were deported on Friday, through Sana’a International Airport, to their country, the Immigration, Passports and Naturalization Authority said.

Director General of Follow-up and Deportation Colonel Hussein Al-Kibsi stated that the deportation flight is one of several flights, planned by the Authority in coordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to help 500 illegal immigrants return to their countries.

“The aggression forces, with their control of the seas and most of the land ports in the occupied provinces, facilitate the infiltration of the illegal immigrants into the free provinces, to make bear their economic and security burdens.”

Al-Kibsi praised the cooperation of the IOM in organizing the deportation flights within a voluntary return program that insure the Ethiopian illegal immigrants a dignified return to their country.

The Ethiopian immigrants expressed their gratitude to the Yemeni government, for the good treatment, accommodation, and facilitation of the return procedures to their country.

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