Sana’a Govt’ Renews Keenness to Make Peace, Holds Coalition Responsible for Consequences

The Ministers Council of Sana’a government, in its regular meeting, Sunday, chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, reviewed the topics included in its agenda, and in the forefront are those related to the integrated confrontation path of the Saudi-led coalition on the one hand, and responsible engagement with any sincere efforts to make an honorable peace for the Yemeni people.

The excerpts focused on the necessity of giving priority to the public interest over other interests, being close to citizens, striving to achieve justice among them, and always observing God’s near punishment for the wrongdoers.

The Council listened to a clarification from the Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs, Lieutenant General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, on the developments in the negotiation file in light of the Omani delegation visit to Sana’a and the continuation of neither war nor peace state, as well as the continuation of closing the Yemeni airspace and piracy on oil derivatives ships coming to Hodeida port, and not allowing the flow of various goods to Hodeida ports.

It pointed out that Sana’a’s demands are mainly based on the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people, namely: paying the salaries of employees from Yemeni oil and gas revenues, as well as opening Sana’a airport, lifting the siege on Hodeida ports, and ending any foreign presence on Yemeni territory.

The cabinet indicating that Sana’a is fully aware of the continuation dangers of no war and no peace state in light of the “aggressors” arranging their cards, their willingness to continue their war on Yemen, and the consolidation of their occupation presence.

It praised the mediation efforts made by Omani brothers, and their sincere and commendable endeavor in the path of communication with the parties to the Saudi coalition to reach an honorable and just peace in Yemen and the region as a whole.

The Council also listened to a report from the Minister of Defense, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atefi, on the situation on the fronts in light of the continued daily violations of the last agreed-upon truce, which is matched by discipline and responsible dealing with the directives of the Revolutionary Leadership and the Supreme Political Council to calm down, to make room for efforts seeking to end the war and siege imposed on Yemen for nearly eight years, stressing, at the same time, the readiness of the Yemeni armed forces to deal decisively with any hostile operations, whether by the Saudi coalition or by its agents.

He explained that the “aggressors” are currently arranging their situation and preparing for the continuation of their war on Yemen, and establishing their presence in the provinces, regions and islands under the “Saudi-Emirati occupation”.

The Ministers Council affirmed that the Supreme Political Council, the Salvation Government and all state institutions are experiencing the pain of the Yemeni people and their great suffering from the blockade and deprivation of their natural wealth. Noting that Sana’a bears, with a national and historical responsibility, the just cause of the people, their right to complete independence, and the preservation of national sovereignty, and clearing his land of occupation.

The Council held the Saudi-Emirati coalition responsible for all the consequences resulting from its insistence on continuing its war, blockade and occupation of Yemeni lands, regions and islands.

The Council called on the Saudi coalition to stop arrogance and hostile policies and to benefit from the efforts and endeavors of Omani brothers to follow the path of making a just peace that guarantees Yemen’s security, sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity.

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