Ready to Target vital Installations in Depth of Coalition Countries: Sana’a Defense Minister

Defense Minister of Sana’a government, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi has affirmed readiness of the armed forces to deal decisively with any upcoming hostile operations, whether by the Saudi-led coalition or by its tools.

This came during his briefing today to the National Salvation Government on the situation on the frontlines in light of the continued daily violations of the coalition forces of the last truce.

Those violations are met with restraint and responsible dealing of the directives of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council to calm down, to make way for efforts seeking to end the war and blockade imposed on Yemen for nearly eight years.

Major General Al-Atifi explained that “the aggressors are currently arranging their situation and preparing for the continuation of their aggression, and establishing their presence in the governorates, regions and islands under the Saudi-Emirati occupation.”

He stressed that the Yemeni army is capable to use its striking capabilities for confronting the aggressors and bombing the geographical depth of the coalition’s  countries,  and their vital and sensitive facilities.

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