Protests Reach “Presidential Palace” in Aden

Dozens of employees displaced to the areas controlled by the “government” loyal the Saudi-led coalition on Sunday carried out a protest in front of the gate of the “presidential” palace in Aden city, southern Yemen, demanding the payment of their salaries.

The protesters said that they have been subjected to abuse and extortion by the Ministries of Civil Service and Finance of the pro-coalition government since 2017, after their salaries were suspended for months (September, October, November, December 2022), and the payment was linked to their coming to Aden.

They explained that the difficult economic conditions forced them to leave Aden for their rural areas, after they were not absorbed by their work agencies, and the regular payment of all their dues.

The protesters demanded that the salaries of all the displaced be paid unconditionally, and that they be included in their workplaces in the provinces where the displaced are located.

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