Behind Negotiations Scenes between Sana’a and Saudi Coalition

The Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs in Sana’a, Lieutenant General Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, revealed the details of the negotiations with the coalition and the ideas that the Omani delegation carried to Sana’a.

Al-Ruwaishan said that a good step may be taken in the framework of approving the disbursement of salaries; there are still some points of contention in this file.

Deputy of Sana’a PM indicated that the Omani delegation carried ideas from the coalition countries, in the issue of salaries; it is related to one million and 300 thousand employees, while the issue regarding Sana’a is related to the entitlements of 30 million Yemeni citizens.

Al-Ruwaishan explained that the coalition countries want to put the salary file as a negotiating point, while it is a right of the Yemeni people.

He said: We want to pay the salaries of all civil and military employees of the state. These salaries are the right of every employee. Noting that the salary file is a special entitlement for every Yemeni citizen affiliated with any state institution, and it must be disbursed from the proceeds of Yemeni oil.

Regarding Sanaa’s demands, Al-Ruwaishan said: Our position is firm and the ceiling of our demands lifting the siege and stopping the war the exit of all foreign forces and compensation for the effects of the war, in addition to the salary file.

Al-Ruwaishan pointed out that the scenes of the negotiations do not hide more than what Sana’a clearly announces, they are just demands that the coalition must make sense of, otherwise let it bear the repercussions.

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