America Loses Balance with Power of Social Media, Fight Victims in Yemen

When the United States decides to go to war, it must mobilize all its sources of strength in favor of achieving its goals, however immoral they may be.

In a report of Yemen Press Agency affirmed that the platforms of social media emanating from the United States represent one of the most prominent manifestations of the power that the United States possesses in its wars, on top of which are Twitter and Facebook platforms, which have worked to market American propaganda and block everything proving the falsity and deception of Washington’s justifications in wars, similar to what is happening in the war that the people of Yemen are exposed to.

The role played by American social media companies reveals that the principles of freedom and independence of capital in the United States are just a trick to mislead the world, and that America lives in a state of continuous public mobilization, within the framework of its aggressive policy towards the world.

Twitter’s blatant bias in support of American wars has prompted the American Liberation Party in New Hampshire to demand that the Twitter administration be held accountable, accusing it of complicity in the crimes of genocide against the people of Yemen at the hands of the coalition, after leaks published to reveal the complicity of the Twitter administration with the Pentagon to exaggerate the American military propaganda targeting Yemen.

Twitter is involved in war crimes in Yemen

The Liberal Party said: “Twitter helped the United States and Saudi Arabia commit genocide in Yemen,” and added, “Tell us again how Twitter is a private company!”

Promoting executioner and forcing victim to remain silent

The Facebook and Twitter administrations have deliberately withhold any images of civilian victims in Yemen as a result of the coalition raids, under the pretext that these images “violate publishing laws.” On the other hand, these administrations do not hesitate to impose all allegations of incitement and hatred against the people of Yemen, in a way that contradicts the most basic standards of liberal equality to allow opinion and other opinion, which makes these companies mere cheap propaganda means in the hands of the US government.

Does Musk have the audacity to violate US disinformation policy?

The new owner of the Twitter platform, Elon Musk, does not seem that he may intends to change these policies, although Musk announced that “Twitter would allow everyone to post, without reservations,” but expectations indicate that Musk means “freedom to publish between the poles of the conflict in the United States, and if be tolerant, he might include Western countries, and there be no space outside the directions of the US government.”

While the scandals of the previous administration of the Twitter platform, which Musk began leaking, are nothing more than a new attempt to whitewash the face of Twitter stained with the blood of the children of Yemen, and other victims around the world, where still the new Twitter administration is practicing blocking publications that expose US policies towards Yemen and Palestine, as well as feeding America’s offensive tendencies towards China, Russia and Iran, where Twitter and Facebook adopting positions according to directions in the White House.

Social networking sites have given the United States hegemony, in which leaders no longer feel any concern about improving America’s image in front of the world. American politics have pushed for a more brazen approach to the world, as American politicians believe that they can create hatred in the world without anyone being able to expose the violations of American.


Source: Yemen Press Agency

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