Emirates Red Crescent, Occupation and Intelligence under Humanity Cover

A Yemeni TV channel revealed that UAE used what is known as the Emirates Red Crescent as a cover for military and intelligence activity in Yemen.

The channel published a confidential report of the Emirates Red Crescent, consisting of 36 pages, includes details of what UAE spent in Yemen from 2016 to 2018.

The total expenditures, according to the documents, amounted to more than two billion US dollars, distributed between the establishment of military forces, detention centers, and recruitment of journalists. It also paid large sums of money to security officials and equipped security headquarters, as well as paying bribes to international organizations, including Amnesty International.

The report included the volume of expenditures spent in UAE dirhams on the western coast and the governorates of Aden, Taiz, Lahij, Al-Dhale, Abyan and Hadhramaut.

Among those expenses, which were spent by the Emirates Red Crescent, paid half a million dirhams, in exchange for an infiltration of SAM human rights organization by people close to it. He also paid half a million Emirati dirhams to Amnesty International as a bribe in exchange for not shedding light on UAE’s violations in Yemen.


About 132 million dirhams were allocated for the purchase of security equipment and mechanisms, as well as the allocation of about 98 million dirhams as special expenses for security aspects, which were distributed for the benefit of security directors in a number of provinces.

Nearly 15 million dirhams have been spent to establish new camps while 12 million dirhams were spent on restoring former camps, more than 18 million dirhams were spent for the benefit of the company’s departments and distributed to its officials.

The West Coast, which is also supervised by Tariq Saleh, had a share of Emirates Red Crescent’s expenses. The report revealed that more than 57 million dirhams spent on the West Coast; about seven million dirhams have been allocated for the establishment of detention facilities on the West Coast.

About 81 million dirhams were also spent on the tribal military side, according to the report.

More than four million dirhams have been allocated to media outlets working for the benefit of UAE. As well as international organizations that issue reports against Abu Dhabi’s practices in Yemen.

The documents showed that UAE is implementing plans to enhance its presence, and the implementation of this military and intelligence agenda in a number of provinces under the pretext of humanitarian action. This is done by establishing camps and prisons under its control, supporting its armed formations, and providing them with military equipment.

According to the documents, UAE has worked to establish thirteen prisons in Aden, seven in Hadhramaut, and one for each of Al-Dhalea, Lahij and Shabwah.

The documents also showed Abu Dhabi’s efforts to attract tribal, social and political figures. In addition to creating websites, and to attract journalists and writers, to improve its image and attack opponents of its role in Yemen.


Source: Belqees Channel

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