International Attempt to Achieve Victory in Yemen

The Secretary-General of United Nations, Antonio Guterres, defended, on Tuesday, on the failure of international organization to resolve the situation in Yemen, trying to turn the failure there into a victory.

Guterres appeared in a press conference at the end of the year 2022, in which he talked about what he described as the year of diplomacy in Yemen, alleging that United Nations has made progress there, as in the case on fronts such as Ethiopia, Ukraine and Congo.

Guterres indicated that the truce, although he acknowledged its fragility, allowed the arrival of supplies through the port of Hodeida and the resumption of flights through Sanaa airport.

Guterres’ statements come at a time when the escalation has returned to the scene in Yemen, with the coalition escalating the pace of seizing fuel ships and threats to respond militarily, amid expectations of fragile truce collapse that was reached months ago, it originally ended last October, despite its extension several times and the failure to reach a final solution regarding it.

Criticism has recently escalated against the United Nations and its failure to achieve a breakthrough in the file of Yemen war, which has been going on for eight years.

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