You Will Not Be Able to Put Out Fires in Aramco If We Attack It Again: Al-Houthi to Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, confirmed that the battle with the forces of the Saudi-led coalition is not over yet, and the coming will be tougher, bigger, and more painful than what they experienced during the past eight years.

“The Yemeni People must realize that when we stand in the battle to confront the forces of Saudi coalition, we are confronting them, because they are the ones who oppress our people and are the cause of the suffering of this country, and we must act in confronting them,” Al-Houthi said during his meeting on Monday with the security and military leaders and the general mobilization committees in Ibb province.

Addressing the pro-coalition forces, he said, “Don’t you feel ashamed when a Saudi or Emirati officer commands you? Are you not ashamed while you are destroying your homeland, its capabilities, its security services, and its planes? Are you not ashamed when you stand as a stumbling block in the way of paying your people’s salaries? Damn you, you are not worthy of responsibility.”

Al-Houthi pointed out that many of the Yemenis realize that Saudi war on Yemen is the cause of the suffering that generates more steadfastness for them in confronting enemies.

He pointed out that the strikes will be more severe on the countries of Saudi coalition than in the past.

“If Aramco had stopped for 24 hours to extinguish its fires when we hit it in the past, it may not be enough for consecutive days to extinguish its fires if there is a new reaction from the Yemeni People,” he warned.

He went on to say: “Yesterday, Biden signed the law on homosexuality, and his regime is leading the war against our free Yemeni People, which confirms that whoever stands with coalition stands with perversion and immorality, and whoever stands against it stands with pride and dignity.”

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