China Enters the Conflict Line in Hadhramaut

China entered the international and regional conflict line in the eastern crescent of Yemen, where the Chinese ambassador met on Monday with the governor of Hadhramaut, Mabkhout bin Madi.

According to media reports, the meeting discussed investments in the field of energy and support for the local authority in the province.

The meeting coincides with a regional and international race over the oil province, which is witnessing the last throws in the battle of drawing the future; it was highlighted by the intense activity of US ambassador, in conjunction with arrangements to announce the province’s secession from Yemen.

This is the first time that Beijing has entered into a direct race with Washington, and in the most important strategic and oil-rich area along the eastern coast overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

It is not yet clear what motivated the Chinese move, although its timing indicates Beijing’s search for a foothold in a province that has become a base for multinational forces. Several powers aspire to control their strategic reserves of oil.

The Chinese step would trigger a new international conflict in the important region on the maritime route.

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