Dhamar: Public Prosecution, ICRC Bury 45 Unidentified Bodies

The Office of the Attorney General, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Dhamar province, on Sunday carried out the burial of 45 unknown bodies, which remained in the refrigerators of Dhamar General Hospital and Ma’abar, during 2021-2022.

Director of Forensic Medicine at the Office of the Public Prosecutor, Dr. Alaa Al-Dhubaie, appreciated the cooperation of the ICRC, the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and the Ministry of Health in implementing this humanitarian mission by the burial of the bodies after they had been kept in refrigerators for a long time and had become a health threat.

He pointed out that the burial took place after the Public Prosecution completed the legal, medical and technical procedures.

Dr. Al-Dhubaie indicated that according to the definitions, numbers and pictures of the corpses kept by the Public Prosecution office, they can be referred to in order to examine the remains in the event that someone claims them. He considers burial as the only way to preserve genetic information and the characteristics of their DNA.

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