Soqotri Rare Vulture Showcased in UAE Exhibitions

The famous and rare Socotra vulture known locally as the alswaeido, has appeared in an Emirati cultural exhibition in recent days, sparking suspicion at how the bird was procured YPA reported on Thursday.

Activists on social media confirmed that the UAE has worked to loot and steal many rare trees and birds, including the alswaeido, which are native to the Yemeni island of Socotra, which has been controlled by Emirati forces since 2018.

Sources pointed out that the appearance of the alswaeido looked emaciated and lonely while chained.

They explained that the appearance of the vulture in the UAE came days after the departure of Raafat Al-Thaqali, the Socotra mercenary governor that had been appointed by the Riyadh-Formed Presidential Council, to Abu Dhabi.

The UAE has looted and abducted many rare birds, trees and Yemeni marine life, including perennial turtles, to be settled in the Emirates, which constitutes a huge violation of the Yemeni environment on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Socotra.

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