Sana’a: 9,000 Yemeni Children Killed or Wounded due to Coalition’s Direct Airstrike

The spokesman for the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Talaat Al-Sharjabi, confirmed that the council has statistics confirming that 9,000 children were killed and injured due to the direct raids of the Saudi-led coalition.

” UNICEF reports that 11,000 children are dead and wounded, only a third of them due to raids, while our statistics confirm that 9,000 children were killed and wounded as a result of direct raids,” he told pro-Houthi Almasirah TV channel.

Al-Sharjabi pointed out that the United Nations talks about victims and malnutrition without taking any step to stop the humanitarian catastrophe, and that international organizations always evade and do not talk about the direct cause of this humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

He noted that the United Nations removed Saudi Arabia from the list of shame three times and showed great cooperation with it to escape accountability and strengthened its conviction of impunity.

Al-Sharjabi said, “We are talking about more than 120,000 martyrs and wounded due to the war and siege, while the United Nations is trying to mislead public opinion by reducing this number.”

He pointed out that there is communication with human rights organizations and activists abroad to deliver the real numbers of the martyrs, the wounded and the victims of the war.

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