Sana’a Foreign Ministry: European Policy in Yemen Merely Resonance of American One

The Foreign Minister in Sana’a government Hisham Sharaf on Tuesday commented on the statement of the European Union Council on the Yemeni file, describing it as not independent and representing the American orientation.

“The European position is not independent and is just an echo of the American position,” Minister Sharaf said in a statement to Al-Masirah channel.

He said that the description of the European statement of Sana’a demands, which are the rights of Yemeni people, as extremist was considered absurd.

Sharaf stressed that the calm sought by the European side will be achieved only by stopping the war, lifting the siege and recognizing the basic rights of Yemenis.

On the other hand, the Foreign Minister praised the position of Islamic Republic of Iran in support of Yemeni people, explaining that Iran is the only country that has stood by the Yemeni people as they face Saudi coalition and blockade.

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