Six Family Members Abducted in Shabwa

Son of Shabwa governor, Awad al-Wazir, loyal to Saudi-led coalition, on Monday, kidnapped six people from the same family in Shbawa, Yemen’s oil-rich southern province, which is witnessing great tension between the Emirati factions.

Members of the First Shabwa Defense Brigade, led by Awad al-Wazir’s son, arrested six sons of the Faraj Khalifa family, forcing them to give up ownership of land belonging to them, in a resounding crime.

Pro-coalition media outlets published the names of the detainees. They were identified as Jamal Nasser Faraj Al-Khalaifi, Khamis Abdullah Khamis Faraj Al-Khalaifi, Mohammed Abdullah Khamis Al-Khalaifi, Fahd Abdullah Khamis Faraj Al-Khalaifi, Ghazi Ahmed Muhammad Faraj bin Idan Al-Khalaifi, and Muhammad Salem Muhammad Farah bin Idan Al-Khalaifi.

The abduction comes amid accusations that Awad al-Wazir’s son has committed widespread violations against citizens since his father took control of the province.

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