War Remnants Threat Has Been Threatening Children and Women for Decades

The “Implementation Center for Mine Action” in Sana’a said that the lives of thousands of civilians are still threatened and at risk of being killed or permanently disabled.

In light of the excessive spread of cluster bombs as a result of the coalition air strikes in most Yemeni provinces.

The center indicated in a tweet that Yemen suffers from the contamination of large areas with the remnants of the aggression from mines and cluster bombs, this will be reflected in the population live on the social, economic and environmental levels, and the dangers continue for decades.

In a blog post on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the center confirmed that the coalition used various types of missiles and ammunition in Yemen in an excessive manner, for the Yemenis, this formed a deadly specter and an existing danger that afflicted Yemenis in villages and cities, wait for children and women to deprive them of their right to life, according to the source.

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