Southern Resistance Leader Revolts Against Saudi Coalition

The leader of what is known as the southern resistance in Aden, Abu Hammam al-Yafei, confirmed that the coalition is responsible for the situation in the southern regions, in terms of starvation and empowerment of corruption. Pointing out that concessions do not work.

Abu Hammam said that life in the southern regions is bad, where there are no salaries, no services, and no decent life.

He adde: they didn’t give us these things to live a decent life, nor did not give us a state, they starved us.

Abu Hammam Al-Yafei addressed the coalition countries, saying: “You are fully responsible for this matter and you are not far from it.” He wondered: Who finances this corrupt government, and who brought Rashad Al-Alimi.

Abu Hammam revealed that Aidarous Al-Zubaidi made concessions, but he is now under house arrest.

He added: let Aidarous Al-Zubaidi returns, and after that we will know what we owe. Whoever loves us, we love him and who does not love us, we do not love him, whether legitimacy, alliance, or transitional.

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