Pro-Coalition Governor of Al-Jawf Accuses Islah of Looting Province’s Allocations

Jawf governor in pro-coalition government, Hussein Al-Ajji, accused Islah of rejecting the decision of his appointment to succeed the party’s leader Amin Al-Okimi,  in order to keep looting of the financial allocation to the province, which is effectively controlled by Sanaa forces.

Al-Ajji said in a post on his Facebook page that the “Islah” refuses, since its appointment in early October, to deal with the delivery and receipt committee and continues to manage Jawf allocations and withdraw them from the Central Bank in Marib with the complicity of Sultan Al-Arada, pro-Saudi governor of Marib.

He added that the same thing applies to the appointment of the Al-Jawf axis commander, as the “Islah” did not implement the directives of the Minister of Defense to empower him.

Al-Ajji pointed out that Islah’s refusal to hand over his duties is not new, as the party prevented him in 2015 after he was appointed while he was on his way to Al-Hazm district at the time.

He mocked Islah’s adherence to Al-Jawf’s allocations despite its failure in front of Sanaa forces and their control of Al-Hazm and all directorates of the governorate, all the way to the strategic Al-Yatma area late last year.

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