Looting and Selling Yemen Antique Continue in British Auctions

A new Yemeni artifact was sold in Britain, which is a rare Qatabani statue of a woman’s head, in auction of Ancient Sculpture and Artwork Part II, held by Sotheby’s in London.

Abdullah Mohsen, a Yemeni researcher interested in archeology, explained that “the statue is the head of an alabaster woman from the third century BC, with big hollow eyes,

Grooved eyebrows, long hair, part of her right shoulder is present.” He added that the remains of the shoulder indicate that “this head was either part of a complete statue, which is unlikely given its relatively large size, or more likely part of a funerary bust. Similar to the one sold at Sotheby’s London auction on July 5, 2022 AD.

Several Yemeni artifacts have been already sold in European auctions, some of them at low prices. This comes in light of looting and plundering Yemeni artifacts in which the coalition factions and Aden government are active, and are working to facilitate their transfer and sale it.

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