Salaries, Foreign Military Presence Obstructed Negotiations, Foreshadowed with New War

The former foreign minister, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, revealed details of disagreements that hindered progress in the negotiations file between Sana’a and the coalition, and heralded the return of war to the forefront of the scene.

Al-Qirbi pointed out that the resource files and the disbursement of salaries, the foreign military presence in Yemeni airports and islands caused to cease the negotiations.

He pointed out that the successive developments indicate to the possibility of a return to a military escalation.

Al-Qirbi’s tweets come on the eve of an American movement pushing for a new civil war in Yemen, which Washington is running it from the shadows with ordering Aden government to tighten restrictions on the entry of fuel and food to Hodeida port, amid repeated warnings from Sana’a over the consequences of that.

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