United States Prevents Al-Ahmar from Entering Its Territory

The United States banned on Tuesday, the vice president of what was known as the “legitimate” authority in Yemen from entering its territory.

Diplomatic sources reported that the United States refused to grant General Ali Mohsen a visa for treatment on its land, noting that Mohsen’s name appeared on the blacklist for his involvement in supporting extremist organizations.

The US move is a strong blow to Mohsen, who Washington has been using over the past decades as a point of contact between it and al-Qaeda in south and east of Yemen.

It is not clear whether Washington, which is throwing all its weight into trying to smuggle Hadi out, is trying not to provoke Saudi Arabia who imposed house arrest on him or dispensed with his services.

However, the US move coincided with efforts to remove the last of Mohsen’s forces from Hadhramaut oil plateau, and the fact that they were replaced by American forces indicates that they are putting pressure on Mohsen to surrender voluntarily.

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