Investigation Reveals Squandering of Yemen’s Invasive Wealth by Foreign Oil Plundering Companies

An investigation conducted by Anssarallah’s Al-Masirah channel revealed details published for the first time about the burning of gas associated with oil production in the provinces of Shabwah and Hadhramaut.

Although the production-sharing agreements in sectors ten and S2 stipulated that gas should not be burned, Total and OMV permanently exceeded that. The French company Total burned nine billion and approximately 700 million cubic meters in Sector ten in Hadhramaut, while the Austrian company (OMV) burned five billion and more than 500 million cubic meters in the (S2) sector.

Specialists also confirmed that “gas could have been re-injected to raise the level of oil production, or alternatively raise the generation of electric current, However, the two companies burned gas in the two sectors at a rate of 110 million cubic feet per day. This amount is enough to produce 341 megawatts of electricity per day. The specialists also revealed that the losses from gas flaring are not limited to economic damage, but also include environmental and health effects.

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