Al-Bahsani Boycotts Riyadh-Formed Presidential Council

Member of the Riyadh-Formed Presidential Council, Faraj al-Bahsani continued, on Saturday, to boycott the virtual sessions, in conjunction with the escalation of division within the council.

For the second time, al-Bahsani boycotted a meeting of council members via video conference, in a move that summarizes the extent of the conflicts within the corridors of the council, whose members reside in several foreign countries.

Observers believe that al-Bahsani, who took a stance against the recent moves after being ousted as governor of Hadramout, is seeking to regain his authority in the oil province, with the support of the Islah party.

The Islah-affiliated member of Riyadh’s Presidential Council recently returned to Hadhramout, amid accusations of arrangements led by al-Bahsani to exploit the tribal movement against coalition factions to attack the authority of Mabkhout bin Madi, who is affiliated with the UAE.

The oil plateau is expected to witness a new round of conflicts between the coalition factions, in light of the escalation of tensions in the valley and desert districts with the continuation of mutual military mobilizations.

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